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Offering expertly curated workshops and seminars for children, parents, and professionals
Workshops and Seminars

D.R.E.A.M. provides workshops and seminars for children, parents, and even teachers and professionals. These events help both children and adults learn and continuously develop their existing skills and talents. The foundation often partners with different organizations and even other licensed professionals to ensure that each event is meaningful and enjoyable for all those participating.

Creative Arts Workshops

Creative Arts Workshops help all children express their creativity and develop their senses, improve visual and spatial skills, foster intrapersonal skills, enhance motor skills, advance linguistic abilities, cultivate imagination, increase capacity to interact with others, develop kinesthetic skills, and progress artistic and emotional skills. These workshops help children follow rhythm and patterns of movement, improve control and prevent inhibition, build self-discipline in movement, develop linguistic abilities, explore mediated forms of communication as a form of expression and improve interpersonal and social skills.

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