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A Child’s D.R.E.A.M. Foundation takes pride in having assisted over 10,892 children and over 20,150 parents, guardians, siblings, teachers and caregivers from the Philippines and around the world. Along with direct treatment, the Foundation also conducts community development initiatives as well as special needs advocacy. To date, the Foundation has held over 476 public community workshops, administered seminars to business and social groups throughout the region, and has worked with city officials to draft ordinances that benefit families with autism. In recognition of D.R.E.A.M.’s strong voice in special needs advocacy, the Foundation was awarded the inaugural 2014 SENIA (Special Education Network in Asia) Honorary Certificate for Advocacy in Singapore.


D.R.E.A.M. Milestones:

  • New Year's Party with 67 attendees 

  • Prescription for Play Series 11- 15 continues

  • February-March with 38 participants

  • April-May with 33 participants

  • June-July with 39 participants

  • August-September with 44 participants

  • October-November 

  • March 17 - Art with the Heart - Talk on Resilience at Step Learning Academy

  • April 12 - Sensitivity Training with UP Psychology Society to prepare them to work with special needs kids 

  • August 30 - Northridge Academy Teacher Training

  • September 5-6 - Philippine Society for Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics 12th Biennial Convention: Moving Forward In a Hybrid World for Children of All Abilities - Speakers

  • Prescription for Play Series 6-10 continues

  • February-March with 81 participants

  • April-May with 69 participants

  • June-July with 52 participants

  • August-September with 56 participants

  • October-November with 59 participants

  • Book Readings by Authors 

  • April: A.K. Riley

  • June: Lana Button

  • July: Anitha Rao Robinson

  • August: Jennifer Mook Sang

  • September: Fr. Armand Robleza

  • October: Inez Bautista-Yao & Georgina Camus (illustrator)

  • Prescription for Play SMART (Sports, Music, Art, Reading,Theater) Series 1-5 initiated 

  • March-April with 48 participants

  • May-June with 69 participants

  • July-August with 74 participants

  • September-October with 69 participants

  • November-December with 116 participants

  • Pink Christmas Party with 35 families

  • Outreach Storytelling & Art Workshop for Chosen Children Foundation with 20 kids and 9 volunteers

  • Reading Assessment with Readpro Center for Literacy involving 10 families

  • Parent Support Group Meeting with 14 participants

  • Thank God It's Fun Friday Making Crepes with Teacher Mailys

  • Art Work shop with 15 participants

  • Seminar on Speech Disorder, Autism, and ADHD (Benguet State University) with 180 College of Teacher Education Students

  • Promoted Random Acts of Kindness thru the Kindness Calendar which was distributed to  the Dream Team, kids, parents and families

  • Art WORKSHOP In Celebration of Autism Awareness Month with 19 participants

  • Go to Grow for Hope with 23 participants

  • Craft Box Making with 22 participants

  • Greeting Card Making with 21 participants

  • National Children's Book Day with 71 participants

  • Umawit at Maglaro Tayo sa D.R.E.A.M with 13 participants

  • Let's Make Pizza!!! Amare with 12 participants

  • National Play Advocacy Week with 13 participants

  • CHRISTMASK BALL with 55 participants

  • Gardening - Nurturing Seeds of Hope by Josie Dimalanta Pangilinan with 14 participants

  • International Dance Day by First Allegro Dance School with 47 participants

  • Yoga for Kids & Parents by Olivia Yao with 11 participants

  • SPED Intervention by Olivia Yao  with 15 individual consults and 11 follow-ups

  • Magic Show by Magicians Foundation, Inc.  with 91 participants

  • Dare2DREAM Camp by CISV Quezon City & Baguio City, Musikgarten, MAGFI, First Allegro Dance School, Kawiwit Storytelling Initiative  with 213 participants

  • Autism Works Open House with ASP National President Mona Veluz  with 5 interviewees

  • National Children's Book Day with Ronald McDonald House of Charities, SPED-Wangal  with 97 participants

  • KidsPlay involving Rochelle Bakisan, Kawiwit Storytelling Initiative, First Allegro Dance School, Musikgarten with 82 participants

  • Pizza Chef Day at Amare La Cucina with 39 participants

  • Functional Medicine Talk by Dr. Raymond Escalona of Life Science Institute with 29 attendees

  • Dream Mandala Art Workshop at The Baguio Museum with 36 participants

  • TheraFree with CommuniCare servicing 16 children for OT & Speech Screening

  • Qi Sensory Behaviour Detective & My Name is Trauma Workshops by Jon-Jon Rivero, OT (C), Certified Trauma Specialist with 83 participants

  • Fashion Show, Benefit Dinner & Concert at Hill Station with 107 attendees

  • Santa's Little Elves Christmas Party with 101 attendees

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