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St. Luke’s Medical Center’s Pediatrics Department and Program Director of Total Family Care, a St. Luke’s Medical Center commitment to empower families to lead healthy and happy lives through a holistic educational approach that covers pregnancy, parenting, and preventive care for the entire development spectrum of the child – from newborn, toddler, pre-school, school age, to adolescence. Francis is a Fellow of both the Philippine Pediatric Society (PPS) and the Philippine Society for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics (PSDBP). A medical graduate of the UERMMMC, Pediatrics Residency at St. Luke’s Medical Center, he took his Fellowship Training at the University of the Philippines – Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH). His international training in Developmental Pediatrics covers programs at Harvard Medical School (Children’s Hospital Boston), Cornell University and Yeshiva University, with short stints at Yale, Johns Hopkins and Brown Universities.

In his pursuit and vision of reaching out to more children with special needs, Francis is currently the Medical Director and Member of the Board of Trustees of the Philippine Cerebral Palsy Inc., Stepping Stone Learning Center, Cerecare Foundation, and a Child’s DREAM Foundation.

Philippine Cerebral Palsy Inc. is a pro bono organization geared towards providing free medical assistance and care to patients diagnosed with cerebral palsy and other related motor disorders.

Dr. Francis Dimalanta is Founder & Medical Director of Baguio City’s “A Child’s DREAM (Developmental Rehabilitative Early Assessment & Management) Foundation, Inc.”, aimed at providing holistic care for special children in Northern Luzon and the Cordilleras.

Francis is Charter President of Friends of Pediatrica – an organization of grantees committed to sharing their expertise in their respective fields nationwide. He is a Board Member of the Philippine Association for the Gifted. A member of the Philippine Societies for ADHD, Autism & Down Syndrome, he is active in their advocacies.

Exemplifying Francis’ versatility and innate concern for children’s welfare even outside the realm of medicine, he was also President of the Children’s International Summer Villages (CISV) Philippines National Association – an independent non-political volunteer organization promoting peace education and cross-cultural friendship among 75 nations.

His vision of bringing education where it is needed the most is answered in his involvement in the Cartwheel Foundation – a non-profit organization that helps educate indigenous children and communities. It recently put up 2 schools in Miarayon, Bukidnon, recorded to have the lowest literacy rate throughout the country.

An active member of the Jesuit based Life’s Directions & Agimat Programs, Francis works with the youth in positions of leadership in organizations, communities, and businesses, to integrate the concepts of Power and Spirituality, focusing on Filipino virtues, individual discovery, and solidarity with communities and our nation as a whole.

With his kind of schedule, it seems there are more than 24-hours in his typical day. He thrives on being on-the-go. A key opinion leader, much sought after speaker, skilled in moderating scientific meetings and conventions, a significant celebrity in the field of Pediatrics, he is a dedicated and passionate man for others.

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