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Therapist’s Perspective: Teacher Hershey V. Cruz

“Love your mother because mothers act from the heart.” This is the message I got from the evening mass on the very first day of this year. It made me feel very grateful and I thought of my wonderful mother at that moment. It made me realize how lucky I am that she brought me up so well. Thank you, Nanay.

After a while, the thought of other parents crossed my mind. These are the parents (usually the mothers), who I always talk to at work after each therapy session I had with their child. I think they are the parents who must be given recognition and all other parents should look upon them. These parents do not just have the heart but they also have the gift, a gift that can give unconditional love to their child. SELFLESS.

We all know how difficult it is to deal with a child who is challenged. Parents need a lot of preparation and go through undying sacrifices. First they have to prepare themselves with the fact of having a special kid. Whether they like it or not or even if there are millions of why questions in their mind, they need to accept. Acceptance is the key to a better life. It has no price tag. It comes from the heart. This is the first step that parents should probably do because based on my experience, most of the parents are in denial. Parents who stick to this idea, they don’t know that they hold back the golden time “NOW” in which their child can start to learn and cope. We, (therapists) sometimes jest and say, “Dapat yung parents ang tine-therapy, eh.” But we actually mean it.

Worst, they keep their child at home. They forbid their child from going outside. I always tell them, “Treat your child as normal or as typical as possible so that they will grow as normal or as typical too.” There’s a song, “You are not alone,” and from the bible verse of Matthew, “Seek and be not afraid.” You should know that there are professionals whom you could ask for assistance and support. Consult a developmental doctor, physical therapist, occupational therapist or speech therapist. You should learn how to trust other people.

Parents must also know the significance of EARLY INTERVENTION. Early intervention will give your child more chances to meet his potentials and needs. Some of these signs are as follows: At birth, when your kid has weak muscles or stiffness or doesn’t cry, once you get discharged from the hospital, seek help. For months old, your kid has no eye contact or doesn’t smile or can’t sit, seek help. At one year old, your child is unable to stand or utter at least one word, seek help. Be aware and alert and don’t ignore it. SEEK HELP.

You have to remember that each child deserves a better place to live. Your child depends on you. May all of us have the heart and the gift and may we continue to be inspired and hopeful.

Have a magnificent year ahead!

-Teacher Hershey V. Cruz;-

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