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Parenting Tips from DREAM Teachers

Bedtime hours should be observed. Studies have proven that ideal growth occurs when kids are asleep by 8 pm.  School age kids need about 10 hours of sleep each night.

Anxiety can turn to excitement. List things kids can look forward to like field trips, plays and projects that may be grade-specific.

Connect with your child’s teacher. Inform them of changes that may affect your kid’s behavior like a recent move, new job, death of a relative, or separation.

Keep a positive attitude as your child adjusts to the routine of a new school year. When parents are happy, kids are happy too. The reverse is true as well: No one’s happy when Mom’s unhappy.

Target times for different activities like bath, meals, exercise, homework and playtime. Allot time for everything…even down time.

Organize school supplies and clothes at night to save time in the morning while getting ready for school. Rushing early on is not the best way to start one’s day.

Set aside some reading time each night. Five to ten minutes of story-telling is a wonderful way to impart the love for reading.

Converse about the school day by asking more specific questions like any funny classmates, what was read today or the difference between this grade and last year’s.

Have fun with little pleasures. Celebrate learning not just in school by making math or science come alive at home. Bake or cook together. Let your child measure the ingredients. Experiment with the best cleaning options.

Observe changes in appetite, sleep, mood and the like. Probe further for possible incidents of bullying, intimidation or exclusion.

Offer advice. Your own school experiences can be helpful especially when your child realizes you were a kid once upon a time.

Lead by example. Be excited about learning. Ignite that curiosity.  Love for learning can be contagious.

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