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National Make a Difference to a Child Month

July is National Make a Difference to a Child Month to remind all of the countless ways adults can make a positive difference to children. Initiate opportunities for kids by doing three things: 1. Commit to do one special thing with a child in July—make some kind of positive difference for that child. 2. Support an organization that focuses on children—there are many to choose from. 3. Communicate with your elected leaders to make children a priority in policy and budget issues they address.

Social Wellness Month is also historically celebrated during the month of July. Social Wellness Month was created by Words of Wellness and was established to help people in their efforts to live a healthier life. Social Wellness Month presents an excellent opportunity to help others feel good about themselves and build stronger social ties with their love ones.

“Social wellness is having positive interactions with and enjoying being with others. It is having comfort and ease during work and leisure situations and communicating feelings and needs to others. It involves developing and building close friendships and intimacy, practicing empathy and effective listening, caring for others and for the common good, and allowing others to care for you. It is recognizing the need for leisure and recreation and budgeting time for those activities.”

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