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iBelieve, iHope, iInspire

On Saturday, March 17, 2012, the culminating activity for iWrite, iSpeak, iAct, a joint-project with Mass Communication students from the University of Baguio, was held. For the past eight Saturdays, starting January 21st until March 10th, free art classes were given to our students, their siblings, and cousins. The sessions had groups of 2, 4, 8 and even 12 children at a time. Their activities involved cutting, pasting, drawing, painting, designing, and kiddy reporting.

The variety show featured the different talents of our children.

Joachim Rosen Bagul-lo, confidently recited the poem Early to Bed. Alexander Daupan, sang beautifully Bruno Mars’ Just the Way You Are. Jan Angelo Cuello sang, with gusto, Willie Revillame’s I Love You. Lorie Ann Cuello performed Justin Bieber’s Baby Baby.

Aside from singing, the kids danced to the music of Kendeng Kendeng. A surprise number was given by Jiwon Kim, one of the UB students, who played “My Heart Will Go On” on the saxophone. A slide show of the different art lessons entertained the cheering children.

The UB students expressed their joy. Julianne Detran, who found us online and chose A Child’s DREAM to be the Foundation they will assist in creating print, word and online advertising materials, shared how much more each of the children gave her compared to  what she has given them. John Anver Baylon, the photography enthusiast, agreed that he will miss the children who have made an impact on him. Jiwon Kim, the video creator, announced his anger at himself for not being able to speak Tagalog as the kids readily addressed him. He worried about the language barrier but realized there was no need for translation because everyone spoke the language of love.

Jossie Daupan, Xander’s aunt lovingly spoke on how Xander bloomed since his very first time living with them a year ago. His time in DREAM contributed to what he can now accomplish. She even produced a slideshow on his transformation. Each of the UB students received a thank you gift from the Daupan family.

The students were rewarded for their work and behavior. Singing Stars went to Xander

Daupan and Janjan Cuello. Dancing stars went to Lala Cuello and Joachim Baggul-lo. Most Behaved was Lala Cuello. Most Punctual was Joachim Baggul-lo. Best in Art were Xander Daupan and Carlo Mendoza. Most Diligent was Joachim Baggul-lo. Best Listener was Patricia Cardenas. Best Speaker went to Janjan Cuello who also got the Most Polite award. Book lover went to Jerhenz Bendaen. Most Free Spirited Award went to Paolo Mendoza.

The college students presented a beautiful bouquet of flowers as a token of appreciation for DREAM’s openness to accommodate them. Although it is a course requirement they were complying with, they had more emotional involvement. There was a marked difference in the children’s openness, response and enthusiasm brought about by the regular art classes. Borrowing from Bruno Mars’ hit song; they simply loved all the kids…just the way they are!! We hope to add more fun classes this year.

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