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Have Fun in the Sun!!!

by Cheryle Ann Tampol

Summer is here! And yes, a lot of people are planning their most awaited vacation.  I, too, am doing just that.  Baguio is one place a lot of people have in mind because of its cooler breeze in the late afternoons ‘til early mornings, a getaway from the humid lowlands. Another option to alleviate the summer heat is the great wide beach. From my recent overnight trip in Puerto Galera a few days before the Holy Week, the beach front was way too crowded already. They come in groups:  the whole family (dog included), barkadahan, workmates, playmates, bosses, wanderers and lurkers.  But then again I still enjoyed myself… being mesmerized by the sunset , being calmed by the gentle waves, being barefoot in the sand, people-watching in their bikini tops and trunks, getting a taste of this and that, giving in to the infamous Mindoro Sling. It brought relaxation to exhausted nerves, may it be brief, I welcomed it with open arms.

Now in planning for a little trip, here are some tips I would like to share as per my experience:

  1. Get-to-Know the target destination – Google it, read blogs and threads from online communities about it (its way informative and realistic than those provided by travel sites), ask people feedbacks. It’s wise to know the important details of the place before going there.

  2. Always keep your sunblock and Off lotion handy – it is summer and if you are not careful enough  you would find yourself as red as steamed crabs at the end of the day. So bring the necessities: sunglasses, caps, sunvisors, buri hats, bandanas and sunblock to protect you from UV rays.  Ok drop the umbrella if you’re at the beach, it’s just not rightJ.  Ward off mosquitos and other insects with the magic of the OFF lotion, you don’t want to go home stricken with dengue or with red itchy patches as a souvenir. Oh and they come in sachets.

  3. Bring loose change (in 20s and 50s) and coins – it is more convenient that way. You don’t want wasting precious time by waiting to have your one thousand peso bill changed. Five hundreds too.

  4. Bring water with you all the time – avoid dehydration period.

  5. Travel light – you don’t want to burden yourself with heavy luggage. Summer means thin clothes, shorts, spaghetti straps, sarong, slippers, aqua shoes.

  6. Never ever forget your Camera – capture moments. It may be well ingrained in your memory bank but it sure is fun to share it with other people.

  7. Buy souvenir shirts over key chains – I am making it as a hobby now. It is one tangible and useful remembrance of the place and of the experience.

My take, go go GO TO BOHOL…can’t take my mind off the pristine waters and white sands of the Virgin Island, and the kindest people too. Hey, it’s more fun in the Philippines!

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