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Dear Teach: Bullying

Dear Teach,

My special son is about to enter Grade school. It worries me that his classmates will end up teasing or mocking him knowing how unique he is. I know how mean children can be. How can I prevent my child from being bullied?

Sincerely yours,

Anxious Mom

Dear Mom,

Bullying in school is a huge issue. Special kids are even more vulnerable targets of bullying.  As parents, we can do a great deal to help our beloved children.

Here are some points to consider:

Attention – give immediate attention to your child when they speak about incidents of bullying in school, the school bus or playground. Never brush aside a story.

Build Self Worth – let your child feel more confident and secure that they are loved no matter what. It’s their true value as a human being that is important, not how one looks, walks, talks or what one wears.

Communicate – listen well; engage in conversations often with your child and with the school. Discuss your child’s condition and how to handle possible behaviors that may affect his schooling. Initiate such meetings for new teachers each year.

Back in August 2010, a bill was passed mandating schools to address bullying issues. Check the entire text here:

School authorities have to be informed of any form of bullying. If needed, they can be reminded of the Magna Carta for Persons with Disabilities and the corresponding legal consequences – from P50,000 to P100,000 and or six months to two-year imprisonment for first offenders. There are prohibitions on ridicule and vilification against persons with disabilities. Full text may be read from Autism Society of the Philippines website:

All the best,


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