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Autism Open House June 23, 2018

Autism Society Philippines cordially invites job-ready persons with autism to join our Autism Works Open House towards helping PWAs find suitable career opportunities. Applicants and their parents will be interviewed and the candidates will undergo written assessments on June 23, Saturday at 8am, at A Child’s DREAM Foundation, Lion’s Club International Foundation, Gov. Pack Road, Baguio 2600, Benguet. First-come, first-served.

Persons with autism of diverse educational backgrounds are welcome to apply.

The applicant must meet the following criteria: (1) 18 years old and above (2) with formal autism diagnosis (3) must be willing to disclose diagnosis to employer. (4) must have received job readiness training or preparation in a school setting (5) ASP member (can be completed upon placement)

Step 1. Prepare your resume. Download the template as a Word document at and update with personal details. Do not go beyond one (1) page. Send to

Step 2. Bring resume, one 2×2 photo to Autism Works Open House.

Important: While we are doing our best to facilitate inclusion, we do not offer assurances that applicants will be placed. It will all depend on the candidate’s job readiness and the availability of the positions that match their interest, skill and geographic convenience.

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